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About Us

Tene Agricultural Solutions is working with various stakeholders to overcome systemic challenges in the agricultural sector. We have built a team of dedicated professionals from different sectors to chart new ways of communicating concepts and observations across space and time. We also create resources that empower the next generation of farmers, researchers, professionals and other stakeholders in agriculture and allied sectors.

Our Products

Agriculture is undoubtedly the biggest and the most diverse sector, which is a significant challenge for designing, developing and taking ICT products to people.  At tene-ag, we understand and appreciate this diversity.  Our products are designed to suit every farmer, every crop, in every agro-climatic situation.  Built on Amper AXP, the tene-ag platform allows our products to be implemented anywhere in the world.  While it enables a completely decentralised implementation of our products, it allows for centralisation of data flow from the agricultural fields through various levels of hierarchy.  “One platform for the world” has always been the motto while we design our products.


eSAP is a true reflection of the vision of the company. The product has been built on our patentpublished architecture. Also, the patent claimed has been declared to be globally unique. eSAP won the prestigious ASSOCHAM award (2014) for the best e-initiative in agriculture in India.

desee force

As part of Tene’s long-term planning, we have initiated a unique concept of crop-doctors who are self-employed and digitally empowered. It is an ambitious program to create a wave of self-employed agricultural extension force (akin to medical doctors).


This is a unique product that aims at realtime management of field activities and agricultural data. Through Yaksha, one shall be able to handle an activity of any nature, at any place, and at any time.

Our Partners

Tene-ag believes that partnerships and collaborations are necessary for making a positive impact on the farming sector.  Our partners and collaborators include government, corporate and non-governmental organisations.  International organisations like CABI are also our partners.  We welcome collaborations with organisations, both national and international, that can contribute to agricultural knowledge, training of rural youth, or provide extension services to the farming sector.

Technology Partner

Quadwave is a global software solutions company with its presence in US, UK and India, focused on providing quality software solutions to enterprises and online businesses.

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Knowledge &Training Partner

CAB International is a not-for-profit international organization that was established more than a century ago. Since then, CAB International has been relentlessly working with various national and state governments

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We partner with farmer, scientists, entreprenuers and companies in the agricultural sector and various farm centric organizations. It is often said that human civilization started with farming.

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