About Us

Tene Agricultural Solutions is working with various stakeholders to overcome systemic challenges in the agricultural sector. We have built a team of dedicated professionals from different sectors to chart new ways of communicating concepts and observations across space and time. We also create resources that empower the next generation of farmers, researchers, professionals and other stakeholders in agriculture and allied sectors.

Tene Vision

We believe that a sector, just like a nation, grows when all its stakeholders grow. And, growth can be achieved only when the interactions between the stakeholders are transparent and relevant. Therefore, Tene’s products allows different stakeholders of agriculture to interact in real time; real time interactions not only enhance transparency, but also the relevance of the interactions themselves.

Tene strives at developing products that suit every nuance of agriculture. We understand that each sector has its own uniqueness, its own flavour, therefore only such products that capture the true essence of the sector shall succeed. Interactions in agriculture are complex and diverse, and they are chaotic today, which nullifies efforts of the stakeholders to push its growth. Thus, it is our vision to drive order through this chaos, to connect all stakeholders by making them interact on one platform. The company has the ability to understand the core dynamics of the sector and to build products that are capable of taking agriculture to the next level.

Tene has a unique blend of highly qualified agriculture and software professionals and our products reflect the same.Tene is developing a unique and powerful agri-knowledge system, which shall be at the heart of our products and allow their continuous evolution. Our vision is to incorporate in our products such intelligence and information that positions us above competition at all times. We aim at building a team with values, which shall keep not only the growth of the company, but also the growth of the agricultural sector and the nation as its focus.