Digitally Empowered Self Employed Extension Force

As part of Tene’s long-term planning, we have initiated a unique concept of crop-doctors who are self-employed and digitally empowered. It is an ambitious program to create a wave of self-employed agricultural extension force (akin to medical doctors). Unlike the traditional approaches of the present agricultural extension, the DESEE Force (Digitally Empowered Self Employed Extension Force) shall encompass rural women and men who are trained on internationally acclaimed plant protection modules and digitally empowered. We strongly believe that the DESEE Force shall herald a new wave of crop health services in the entire sector of agriculture. This program is expected to address not only the problem of poor transfer of technology and information to the farmers, but also generate real time data about farm situations to the other stakeholders of the sector. The program will create a new wave of employment opportunities among the rural youth and decelerate the movement of youth from rural and urban areas. We are expecting a strength of about 500 DESEE Force by March 2019.

Three organisations have joined hands in promoting the DESEE Force program — Tene Agricultural Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru , University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Raichur and Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences (CAB) International. Each of the partnering organisations bring vast experience and knowledge of their respective domains.  Tene-Ag has developed and maintains the necessary IT infrastructure. The company recruits, trains, deploys and provides IT support services to the DESEE Force. UAS Raichur and CAB International participate in the development of crop health content, they assess and certify the trainees as DESEE Force, and support the DESEE Force in technical aspects of agriculture.

eSAP is a true reflection of the vision of the company. The product has been built on our patentpublished architecture. Also, the patent claimed has been declared to be globally unique. eSAP won the prestigious ASSOCHAM award (2014) for the best e-initiative in agriculture in India.

This is a unique product that aims at realtime management of field activities and agricultural data. Through Yaksha, one shall be able to handle an activity of any nature, at any place, and at any time.