We are proud and happy to share that “eSAP” is awarded as the champion in the WSIS 2018 in agriculture.

Awarded best e-Initiative in Agriculture

Electronic Solution Against Agriculture Pests

eSAP is a true reflection of the vision of the company. The product has been built on our patent published architecture. eSAP has been awarded the WSIS Champion Prize 2017 at Geneva and the prestigious ASSOCHAM award (2014) for the best e-initiative in agriculture in India. eSAP has been adopted by the Department of Agriculture, Karnataka State to empower the extension functionaries of the State Department.  The Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, New Delhi has asked a question on eSAP while recruiting agricultural scientists to various research institutions. Four Universities under five different projects have already adopted eSAP. The Union Government is completing the formalities for nationwide implementation of eSAP. The governments of Karnataka and Odisha have put up proposals for implementing eSAP in their respective States. “eSAP vaarthe” (or, eSAP News) was regularly broadcasted on one of the FM Channels operating in Raichur district, which focuses on the predicted trends among plant pests as part of an early warning program.

eSAP targets at resolving plant health issues. It not only enables independent diagnosis and quantfication of the problem by the field user, but also to suggest the most appropriate management strategies. The product has taken care of the major bottleneck for agricultural growth, as reflected by our Prime Minister a few months ago — transfer of technology to the farms. The product is scientifically accurate (tested by at least 50 independent scientists in four Universities), which provides substantial scope for directly translating research outputs to field use. If situations arise, then experts from across the world can deliberate before assisting the field user. Not just that, eSAP enables the users at the other end of the spectrum to know the prevailing pest situation in real time through the web application. The inbuilt analytics allows quick and accurate decision making. Language and literacy barriers to agricultural interactions have also been taken care of. The scope of eSAP is not limited to India alone. We have received enquiries from other nations too.

Several independent research have been conducted by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS) Raichur and UAS Bangalore on the perception among endusers and impact of eSAP. The study conducted by the extension team at Raichur, which was presented in Japan where the author won the best paper award, shows highly encouraging results. Studies done by the IIM and UAS Bangalore are in the data analysis stage, and we have been personally informed that the results are very positive. The mere fact that people are interested in studying the impact of eSAP is revealing a story in itself.

As part of Tene’s long-term planning, we have initiated a unique concept of agri-doctors who are self-employed and digitally empowered. A part of this initiative we have formed a consortium with M5 Info Solutions who provide private extension services and Agricultural Universities.

This is a unique product that aims at realtime management of field activities and agricultural data. Through Yaksha, one shall be able to handle an activity of any nature, at any place, and at any time.