We partner with farmer, scientists, entreprenuers and companies in the agricultural sector and various farm centric organizations. It is often said that human civilization started with farming. Human society, even today, cannot survive without farming. The need for sustained food production drives various initiatives of governments at various levels. The ever-green business opportunity of quality food products attracts entreprenuers to get involved and grow the sector. The economics on the one hand and the ecological aspects on the other drives various organizations to focus their society development initiatives around farm and farming families. Good and reliable data is crucial to all these initiatives. …..

At Tene, we have identified that with our skills sets and talents, partnering with all these individuals and institutions we can have a much larger and much better impact.


are the focus of our efforts and our primary partners. The economics of agriculture is skewed beyond logic almost everywhere across the world. Different experiences in the recent past – and some times not so recent past – have lead to different agricultural policies in different countries. But across the world farmers are left holding the shorter end of the deal. We feel that life on this planet cannot be sustained without educated and empowered farmers. Farming adds so much value to society, yet the real support that farmers get is left wanting. We also feel that farmers are the only people who can move us towards a sustainable existence. A farmer lives and works in close interaction with nature and depends on various natural phenomena to sustain his life and livelihood. The various advances in agricultural technology has helped farmers reap better harvests on many occassions. But even today, s/he is dependent on external inputs especially when it comes to dealing with disease, deficiency or pests. Accurate and timely support is crucial and still remains a ‘make or break’ aspect of farming. At Tene we have developed technology that makes institutions and organizations reach the farmer with exactly this – accurate and timely support in identifying a deficiency, disease or pest. Upcoming features include crop selection support, soil preparation and other practices.

Agricultual Scientists

identify and attempt to understand complex interactions between various natural phenomena and human practices in agriculture. Deciphering the effect of control measures on the temporal and spatial evolution of an affliction is very important from a scientific perspective. Data sets with high reliability and accuracy are essential to develop insights into these processes. Further, reliable gathering and timely communication of field data back to the scientists helps in the development of new cultivation practices and technologies.

The technology we have developed in Tene is designed around these principal ideas and ensures that institutions and organizations are able to reach new technologies to the farmer with accurately and in a timely manner. And in turn relay accurate information in real time about the field situation back to the scientists.

Policy makers

make critical decisions that set the trajectory for the population as well as the economy’s growth and well being. Even today, when industrial and service sectors are the focii of various government initiatives and programmes, the performance of the agricultural sector plays a critical role in the economic growth achieved by the country. The quality of information about the situation at the field level to the desks of the policy makers critically affects the decisions made and policies designs. The reporting practiced today have evolved from the initial structures built and used by the British during the pre-independence era.

Indians are considered experts in the field of information and communication technology. Yet, it is a sad situation that there is so little utilization of these technologies in the agricultural sector. The technology we have designed in Tene enables accurate information from the field to reach policy makes in real time. It also creates a direct link for the policy makers to reach details of their policies out to the field even in remote areas of the country. The system is designed to handle huge number of verifiable transactions per second reliably and efficiently. The technology provides a tool that allows policy makers to know the real situation in the field without having to trust someone’s judgement and motivation.

Agri – input companies, Dealers and Traders

are the first stop for most farmers when it comes to anything related to farming. While these entities are driven by a profit motive, they play valuable roles in the agriculture economy. Agri – input companies make it possible for the technologies developed by agricultural scientists to be implemented in the farmers’ fields by manufacturing these inputs. Dealers and small businesses across the country are organized in various networks each associated with one or more of these agri-input companies. Communication of the field realities to decision makers within these companies is a major hurdle. Various management systems using different technologies are being designed to address this need.

Tene’s patented technology fills this void and makes available field level data to decision makers at the click of a button. Field data is made easily accessible, extremely reliable and accurate. Various types of reports and charts are made avaialble along with the option to create customize ones too. The data sets can be filtered using almost all parameters that one can think of. Integration of this technology with the company’s work flow would not just make the company’s operations more efficient, but also give them an edge over the competetion in product development and market expansion among many other sectors.

Farm centric organizations

are serving the farming communities and their farmlands in places and situations where other players are just not able to. Communication of the expanse, the intensity of the challenges in agriculture has always been a challenge to most organizations. Collecting, sorting, managing and then analyzing the data from the field is often too much of a task for any organization working on the ground level. To overcome these various coalitions and collaborations between farmers’ groups and farm centric advocacy and resource group initiatives have come about in the recent past. The primary hurdle still remains – the availability of good data – one that is accurate and which can be verified.

The technology developed in Tene aims to clear this primary hurdle and enable clearly recorded location information, images, audio and numbers from the field all the way to the managers to the campaigners to the funders. The data set and presentation accessible to each user is pre-determined by their role definition. Customized reports and charts can be generated and shared through social, as well conventional, media. The results of restructuring the field work flow around this technology will show results within one cropping season and will be reflected in improved impact indicators.

Knowledge Partner

The primary knowledge partner for Tene-ag is the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Raichur. UAS Raichur is a State Agricultural University that is designed as per the Land Grant pattern of the USA.

Extension Partner

M5 Info Solution Pvt. Ltd has been working in close collaboration with farmers providing the best of the available options for procuring inputs and for selling their produce.