Training Partner

Knowledge and Training Partners

UAS Raichur

UAS Raichur is a State Agricultural University that is designed as per the Land Grant pattern of the United States of America. Teaching, research and extension are the main arms of UAS Raichur. Since 6 years, the company is working closely with UAS Raichur for all domain related matters, which includes agricultural processes, content creation and content validation. Further, UAS Raichur supports Tene-ag in expanding its business, in training independent extension entities and it handholding field users.

CAB International

CAB International is a not-for-profit international organization that was established more than a century ago. Since then, CAB International has been relentlessly working with various national and state governments across the world for improving the livelihood of small and marginal farmers. At present, CAB International is serving in 48 countries, mostly in South and Central America, Africa, and South and South-East Asia. Plantwise is one of their famous programs that aims at developing Crop Doctors (CAB International calls them “Plant Doctors”) across the world. Outstanding training modules, an exhaustive knowledge bank, online data on pest situations, state-of-the-art pest diagnostic laboratories, are some of the main strengths of CAB International. In India, CAB International has its office at New Delhi.